Why Is Raw Truly the Best Option?

Feeding raw is the fastest growing sector of the pet food market. If you were to feed a raw diet to your pet, the first change observed would be improved stools. This is due to its superior digestibility. Another delightful part of feeding raw is pets like it, palatability is great.The vast majority of pet food is cooked, with extrusion the predominate method. This extrusion produces a kibble and depends on a food containing 25 to 45 percent starch, which upon heating in the presence of water undergoes dextrinization. Although it can be eaten, starch is not a positive nutrient for canines. Dogs that have a lot of starch in their diets undergo endocrine abuse and disrupts the digestive system. One sign of this: often a persistent or barely managed dermatitis is cured simply by switching to a raw diet. A raw diet promotes a healthier gut more aligned with your pet’s metabolism.A dry pet food low in starch is possible but there is no way to have kibble without starch, and grains provide starch for kibble formation. But the term grain-free is an advertising gimmick. The problem in any kibble is starch and call it grain-free or not, the problem of starch is still there. What your pet really needs is not grain-free but low in starch. 

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Effects Of Cooking On Dog Food Nutrients

Cooking dog food alters nutrients and not necessarily for the better. Admittedly, extreme heat destroyed harmful bacteria, which was a win way back in time before refrigeration but today it is possible to assemble ingredients with a very low risk of unhealthy bacteria growth. Heat addition of any kind (boiling, frying, roasting, baking) initiates a process referred to as protein denaturation. Please check out website for further information including a chart showing vitamin loss due to other methods aside from a raw diet.

Healthy, Organic, Raw Dog Food At K9 Kuisine

K9 Kuisine is your one stop local source for a daily, healthy, organic raw diet. Our formulations include a balanced diet with all natural ingredients, guaranteed. The meat,organs,bone, even the essential minerals are all provided from all natural sources. We receive the ingredients from farmers and food distributors, mix and grind, and package and seal the finished product and place in the freezer for you to pickup at your convenience. Monthly subscriptions are available for cost savings and a guarantee your meals will be available when you need it the most.